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The ASTC is the only professional organization for trial and litigation consultants. Members agree to follow approved standards of practice that have been developed over the 30-plus year history of the organization.

Whether you’re a member or you’re here to learn more about trial consulting or to find out more about ASTC and our member benefits, we welcome you!

March 2016

The next few months will be an exciting and transitional time for The American Society of Trial Consultants. We are preparing for a Conference in Redondo Beach, California where we will have a timely discussion about the disappearing civil trial, and its effect on trial by jury and what trial consultants can do to adapt to the new legal landscape.

We anticipate this conference will help every professional trial consultant with new information about how to help their own business and more important how to help those we serve in the current litigation climate. Please visit the Conference page on our website for updates.

The work of ASTC to protect the Seventh Amendments to the Constitution by participating with New York University - The Civil Jury Project, continues to proceed and be very active. The ASTC is involved in a survey to determine attorney views and information about the reasons for the decline in civil trials. We also participated in a seminar titled “Will Juries Go the Way of Powdered Wigs? The Seventh Amendment in the Modern World" - a conversation with Justice Sonia Sotomayor the only justice on the US Supreme Court who has presided over a trial by jury.

We are reviewing results of the survey of jury consultants about establishing a College of Trial Consultants and plan a decision on that to be announced at the convention.

We are always looking into new ways to communicate about ASTC and our profession in professional publications. If you have ideas to share, please contact the office at astcoffice@astcweb.org

- Richard Jenson, President, ASTC

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