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Welcome to the American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 Membership Year, and in a sense a new beginning for the ASTC.

Last year under the leadership of Patty Keuhn and the guidance of Ron Matlon, the 30 year old By-laws of our Society were revised and updated. A couple of the important changes allowed the Committees more freedom to set their own agenda, and we are no longer required to notify anyone of special meetings by telegraph.

Of course the most significant change is the move from a July 1st to June 30th membership year to a Calendar (January 1st to December 30th ) membership year. The reasoning and process were explained in the latest Court Call, but essentially you no longer have to renew membership at the same time you are figuring out if the conference is in your budget. Next year, by the way, we’re going to Fort Worth Texas, after which you’ll honestly be able to say “This ain’t my first rodeo!” The membership dues haven’t changed, but your renewal will be prorated to cover till the end of 2018.

Last year Patty Keuhn expressed that “Many hands make light work.” We are continuing with that thought this year and expanding on it to build a stronger Society.

A successful organization has two kinds of communication, the top to bottom agreement to work, those in the By-laws, administrative structure, governing documents, and our Professional Code. Equally important is the communication between members of the Society. This is partially met in the work of the all-important committees, the members who do the work of giving value through the programs and activities we undertake. This year we will increase the opportunities for regional communication. We will be promoting regional meetings, and mid-year mini conferences. Centered on our practice guidelines in the Professional Code we will begin to promote practice groups. We will look for additional areas of practice which will recognize and welcome a broader range of Litigation and Trial consulting specialists.

The top to bottom communication is like the warp in a weave, the communication between members is like the woof. As we tighten the warp we begin to weave in the individual colors of the practices, personalities, and contributions of each individual member of the society. 

As a member you can sit back and comment on that image, or you can join in the making of the beautiful tapestry that is the American Society of Trial Consultants.

Amy Cheatham at the ASTC Office can connect you with a committee that needs your time and your skills.

We start from here.

If you have any comments or questions there is nothing I would appreciate more than hearing from you. 
Ric Dexter
President, American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

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