ASTC Membership Benefits - Interested in Joining?

Along with your membership, you are entitled to a range of benefits and services, including access to our library of trial consulting knowledge that supports the work of our members and the profession as a whole.

ASTC membership benefits include: a subscription to The Jury Expert, a listing in our membership directory; an invitation to our Annual Conference at a reduced rate; and access to our Online Library, two blogs, the ASTC Website and ASTCNet.

The Annual Conference.  Each year the conference provides training programs and seminars in which members share experiences, discuss research and explore developments in the field. It is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues and build professional relationships. Members receive reduced rates on conference fees.

The Jury Expert.  The Jury Expert is an ASTC magazine distributed to litigators, and is available to our membership online. There are four issues each year.  Only members can be respondent authors in TJE.

An Online Library.  ASTC maintains a collection of public documents such as motions and briefs relevant to the work of trial consultants and social science researchers, which are available. Complimentary uploads and downloads are available online only to members.

Blogs.  All members have access to The Red Well Blog and The ASTC Deliberations Blog.

Members Only Newly Re-Designed Website.  ASTC’s Newly Re-Designed website allows access to up-to-date information on membership and events. In addition, you can post job announcements and internships, access the online library, get information from our blogs, and register for annual conferences.  Another feature of this site is the periodically-updated "Member News" section.

ASTCNet.  The ASTCNet is an interactive listserv tool whereby members communicate on a variety of professional topics.

Webinars.  Teleconferences are free only to members to hear experienced consultants and others talk with our membership about professional practices.

The ASTC PDF and Online Directory.  The ASTC PDF and Online Directory lists members' contact information alphabetically, and lists their names geographically and by firm.  In addition to contact information, members' consulting, teaching and research services are listed.

Professional Code.  All members of ASTC subscribe to the organization's Professional Code.