President's Page 

Welcome to the website of the American Society of Trial Consultants!  The ASTC is the only professional association serving trial consultants in the U.S. and we are celebrating our thirty-third year of sharing our knowledge and expertise.  We are proud that our members include the most prominent and experienced trial consultants in the country.

Trial consulting is a diverse field.  Our membership includes people with backgrounds in theater, technology support, oral communication, visual communication, law and a wide variety of social sciences.  For this reason, trial consulting is thought of as both a profession and a craft.

Trial consultants come from diverse backgrounds but they have one thing in common: they assist lawyers in advocating for ther clients.  Whether helping with change of venue research, pre-trial strategy research, witness preparation, demonstrative evidence design, jury selection, or persuasion, our members help attorneys perform at a higher level.

Over the years, trial consultants have become a vital part of the system of justice.  For this reason, the ASTC has established a Professional Code that sets our Ethical Principles, Professional Standards, and Practice Guidelines that govern our members.  Hiring an ASTC member assures attorneys that their consultant has the same commitment to quality and integrity that is demanded of attorneys.

We are, for the most part, a volunteer Society.  Our members join together to serve each other and the profession.  We work to provide networking opportunites, to educate members, to share knowledge, and to promote trial consuting's best practices.  I am honored to be a part of such a dedicated group of professionals.

If you are a trial consultant or are considering entering the field, we invite you to join us.

Jill Peterson Holmquist

August 2014