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NOTE: Dues are NON-REFUNDABLE, as indicated in the ASTC Bylaws.

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  Individuals who join between January 1 and May 1 receive a discount in dues as noted below.
Application Fee: Individual $137.50     Student $32.50
Membership for this term:   through June 30, 2015

6 month membership term runs Jan 1 through June 30. Applications for the 6 mo term are accepted on or after Dec 3.

If you are signing up for or renewing a STUDENT membership, your membership will not be fully active until the ASTC office receives proof of your full-time student status (i.e. letter from dean, Bursar's office bill, class schedule from bursar's office, etc.)

In order to verify student status ASTC must now receive with the application a letter of confirmation from an official office at the institution where the person is in attendance declaring the student will be a degree-seeking enrollee at some time during the current membership year.

Documentation must clearly state: enrollment dates, the number of credits and/or "full-time" student status. Acceptable number of credits: Graduate students a minimum of 9 credits - Undergrad a minimum of 12 credits.

If you have any questions about student membership please contact the office prior to completing the application form. Membership Dues are non-refundable.


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ASTC Directory Listing


Please check the appropriate Areas of Practice Categories to include in your directory listing. What is checked below indicates that you have training and experience in each area.
Civil Defense

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Criminal Prosecution

Commercial Litigation


Please check the appropriate Areas of Trial Consulting Categories to include in your directory listing. What is checked below indicates that you know how to perform each activity in compliance with the ASTC Code and have the training and experience to support each claim.
Alternate Dispute Resolution


Argument Development & Presentation

Case Evaluation & Strategy

Case Theory & Presentation

Change of Venue Surveys

Communication Skills Training

Community Attitude Surveys

Continuing Legal Education

Courtroom Observation

Deposition Preparation

Exhibit Planning

Focus Groups


Jury Selection

Market Research Services

Media Relations


Mock Trial Research


Online Jury Research

Opening Statement/Closing Arguments

Post-trial Juror Interviews

Pre-trial Juror Questionnaires

Pro-Bono Work

Supplemental Juror Questionnaires

Trial Technology

Voire Dire

Witness Preparation

Web Surveys

The following questions are to be used for informational purposes only, not for the Directory.
We are using this information to get a getter picture of the trial consulting profession.
Highest Degree Earned
Number of years working in the trial consulting field
Number of years as a member of ASTC
Are you currently (check one):
Working full time as a trial consultant?
Teaching as an academic in a field related to trial consulting?
Working part time as a trial consultant?
A practicing attorney involved in a trial practice, but not consulting full time?
If you are a trial consultant, please answer the following:
I am a sole practitioner or working in a trial consulting firm.
If a firm, how many consultants/principals are part of that firm?
Are all of these consultants members of ASTC? Yes No
IF ASTC decided to create categories of membership, which one would you be? (Check only one):
Trial Consultant
Associate Member

Check here if you would like to have your membership automatically renewed for 5 years. (You will be contacted by the ASTC Office to get the credit card number you wish to put on file.)

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