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ASTC Proposed College of Trial Consultants

At the 2014 Midyear board meeting in Chicago the Board of the ASTC Foundation proposed having the Foundation set up an Academy or College that would be similar to The Academy of Trial Attorneys or The American Board of Trial Advocacy.

Highly experienced trial consultants would be invited to participate in the College based on their experience and contributions to the trial consulting profession. Consultants could also apply for membership after the initial organizational membership was established.

The Foundation Board communicated this general concept to the ASTC Board with the request that the ASTC Board look into how ASTC might interact with this proposed new entity. A joint presentation addressing how such an organization might be developed and what its relationship would be with ASTC was made to those attending the 2015 Annual Conference in Nashville.

You can access the Resolution, describing the proposed College here: Resolution - Draft 11.

After brief presentations by members of both Boards, questions were entertained and a discussion by those in attendance transpired.

You can download the transcript of that session here: ASTC Conference Session - College of Trial Consultants 2015

After the conference, an inter-organizational task force was formed and a survey to gather responses, impressions, and input was circulated among ASTC member and non-member Trial Consultants.

You can access the results of the survey here: Link to tabulated results

Based on the results of that survey the Board of Directors of the ASTC voted in 2016 to accept the concept of the college as presented in Resolution draft 11.

To inform the membership of the reasons behind the board’s acceptance of the concept of the College the results of that survey were compiled and were presented to the attendees at the 2016 Annual Conference in Redondo Beach.

The presentation slideshow and the presentation script are available here:

Link to PDF of slideshow with script.

Members of the Boards of the ASTC and The ASTC Foundation are currently in discussions to find resolutions to the questions left open by the survey and addressed by the members attending the presentation.

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