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In addition to our Annual Conference, the ASTC coordinates and provides access to speaking engagements, workshops, and webinars focused on gaining insight for our profession and providing an educational conduit for our member base. Contact our Educational Committee if you have a suggestion for an educational webinar.

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

28 Jan 2019

Webinar: The Past and Future of Batson
11 Jan 2019ASTC Regional Meetings in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco
27 Sept 2018Webinar: Breaking Into the Jury and Trial Consulting Profession
13 Sept 2018Webinar: Implicit Bias in Jury Trials
15 Jan 2018Webinar: Statistics in Excel
1-2 June 20182018 Annual Conference
31 May 2018CLE: Cutting Edge Advocacy and Trial Preparation: Learn from the Experts

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