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Breaking into the Jury and Trial Consulting Profession

  • 15 Dec 2020
  • 15 Dec 2025



Available On Demand Webinars

Breaking into the Jury and Trial Consulting Profession
Presented by: Katherine James, Founding Director, ACT of Communication; Daniel Wolfe, Principal, Decision Quest; Bliss Piverger, Associate, Litigation Insights; and Faye Honig, Recent Graduate

Do you imagine a career in jury and trial consulting intriguing? If you envision yourself with this career but simply feel unsure on how to break into the field, this webinar is for you!

Some of the topics of discussion include:
1.) Find where your passion and trial consulting intersect;
2.) Future trends in trial consulting—and recent innovations—online focus groups, courtroom technology, media driven graphics;
3.) Do you need an advanced degree to even be considered for a job in trial/jury consulting or to be successful;
4.) What the hiring consultant looks for when considering a new hire;
5.) What are the benefits of working in a firm or small group versus going solo;
6.) Being an in-house consultant—the advantages and disadvantages;
7.) Starting out with contract work;
8.) Making a name for yourself when you have little experience; and
9.) Is the profession just a fad?

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