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Implicit Bias in Jury Trials

  • 15 Dec 2020
  • 15 Dec 2025



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Implicit Bias in Jury Trials
Presented by: Alexis Forbes, PhD & Will Rountree, JD, PhD, Bonora Rountree Trial Consulting and Research

In this webinar, Dr. Alexis Forbes and Dr. Will Rountree of Bonora Rountree Trial Consulting and Research explore implicit bias and its role in jury trials. Implicit bias has been the subject of research, policy initiatives, and even theoretical debates for over 40 years. They briefly summarize the operational definitions of implicit/unconscious bias in cognitive and social psychology literature, and legal scholarship.  Cognitive load, available processing resources, and motivation all play a role in the likelihood that someone will have an unconscious biased thought or opinion about a person or issue. The examination of implicit bias in the context of jury trials focuses on the biased decision-making of jurors and judges. Just in the last few years, efforts have been made by the bench and the bar to reduce the effects of implicit bias in our legal system. Dr. Forbes and Dr. Rountree will share their very recent experiences with exploring implicit bias on jury questionnaires, and how to address jurors’ potential biases in voir dire.

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