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CBS Show “BULL” Gets Attention - What do you think?

Comments from Daniel W. Dugan, Ph.D

  • “The show is aptly titled.” 

  • “The time allowed for REAL jury selection is SO short compared to what is depicted on the show that of the “400 variables” that Bull says he uses to pick a jury, we usually have time for about 4 or 5 per person . . . on a good day . . . with a lunch break . . . and the judge needing to finish a criminal sentencing in front of us . . . and a power outage in the courthouse.

Trask & Associates
Tara Trask interviewed Dr. Phil about the show Bull and the field of trial consulting.

Here is an interview Tara gave to Law.com on September 21st titled “Is TV’s ‘Bull’ Total Bull? A Trial Consultant Talks Fact v. Fiction”

Here is Tara’s blog post from September 24th about Dr. Bull titled “It’s Not All Bull”

"What's Not Bull About Bull"
Check out the blog, Legalstage.com where Katherine James at ACT of Communication just published her third piece under this title. She is writing a new blog with each episode highlighting what she finds to be the core of truth about what she does as a trial consultant that is found in the show. With some Hollywood tidbits thrown in, of course. She encourages others in the society to find out What's Not Bull About Bull in their own practices! With BULL picked up by CBS for the rest of the season there will be plenty of material there.

Bill Grimes, Zagnoli McEvoy Foley, was interviewed by various Chicago news media about the August 2012 Drew Peterson trial. Peterson was charged in the death of his third wife which was originally ruled accidental, but changed to a homocide after Peterson's fourth went missing and is presumed dead. Bill offered analysis and observations to NBC5, WGN-TV, and WBBM Newsradio. Topics included hearsay evidence, circumstantial evidence, jury instructions to disregard certain testimony, threats of a mistrial, what jurors' coordinated clothing means, and the jury being removed numerous times for objections to comments made by attorneys and witnesses.

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