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On February 19, 2015   Judy Rothschild, Ph.D was the keynote speaker at the INNS of COURT (Stanislaus County, CA) where she focused on how the demographic composition of  California juries is changing.  She also led an interactive voir dire training session where members of the INNS of COURT assumed roles of jurors and audience members participated in a VOIR DIRE exchange with these “mock jurors”.  In line with the request of chair of this division of the INNS, the session mixed humor with education and training.

On March 11, 2015 Marjorie Fargo was an invited lecturer  to the members of the Advanced Evidence seminar
class of The George Washington University Law School 2000 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20052 where she delivered an overview and presentation about the field of jury and trial consultation including in which she also provided information about the activities of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC) and contact information about the ASTC Annual Conference in Nashville.

Marjorie Fargo was appointed to the Jury Committee of the Council for Court Excellence (CCE)’s Jury Project. The Jury Committee is comprised of 20-30 members from a diverse cross-section of the community, including former jurors, judges, court jury staff, and attorneys, including members of the criminal defense, criminal prosecution, civil defense and plaintiffs’ bars. The Council for Court Excellence’s Jury Project will comprehensively address systemic issues relating to the perceived burden of jury service in the District of Columbia from the perspective of jurors, judges and lawyers. It will use as a resource CCE’s ground-breaking 1998 DC Jury Project report. Additionally, it will serve as a vision for the future by addressing both new challenges and opportunities for jury service that did not exist at the time of the 1998 report, such as the potential of technology and social media to improve juror summoning and utilization and its potential to influence juror deliberations; the changing demographics of DC and who is being summoned for jury service; engaging youth as future jurors; and encouraging greater public understanding of, and appreciation for, jury service.

Since its formation in 1982 CCE’s jury work has been extensive and far-reaching: successfully advocating One Day/One Trial legislation to Congress for the Superior Court, promoting changes to the petit and grand jury systems, educating DC students about their future roles as jurors, holding annual “jury service appreciation” campaigns, and recommending ways to improve the way courts summon people to jury duty. The 1998 DC Jury Project report offered 32 recommendations to improve jury service, from permitting jurors to ask questions and take notes, to the courts and government offering positive means to encourage jury duty, to new methods to gather information about jurors during the voir dire process.

The Jury Committee will divide itself into three working committees: Jury Pool and Summoning; Trial Structure; and Jury Care, replicating the highly effective structure of the 1998 Jury Committee. CCE will provide staff support to the Jury Committee, including a full-time jury analyst. CCE staff will organize and coordinate meetings, conduct research, and prepare the final report as directed by the Jury Committee for a projected mid-2015 release followed by a public education campaign.

In June 2015, Suann Ingle, Suann Ingle Associates LLC, will participate in the 2nd ABA False Claims Act Qui Tam Trial Institute – 2 Day Mock Trial. This one-of-a-kind Institute will focus on the unique, and often little understood, discovery, evidentiary and trial challenges that the parties must negotiate to successfully litigate and try a False Claims Act case.  Working from a hypothetical fact pattern, a faculty consisting of experienced trial attorneys will explore the strategic, tactical and practical aspects of successfully litigating FCA cases.  The capstone of this one of a kind program will be a two-day mock FCA trial, from voir dire through jury deliberations, which attendees will be able to observe live and via video.  Attendees of this program will improve their knowledge and understanding of the novel challenges involved in litigating a False Claims Act case.

Charlotte A. Morris, Litigation and Communication Consultant from Raleigh, North Carolina, was a guest speaker on the topics of jury selection and witness preparation at the National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association's Fourth Annual Conference in New Orleans. More than 250 litigants, in-house counsel and claims representatives attended this event. While there, Charli promoted The Jury Expert for its excellence in making practical use out of empirical social science research.

Phillip H. Miller, Nashville attorney and trial consultant, is the only Tennessee attorney to serve on our faculty of upcoming programs for trial attorneys presented by organizations in four states. He will appear at the Indiana Trial Lawyers Annual Institute in Indianapolis, the 360 Advocacy Institute Motor Vehicle Litigation program in Las Vegas, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association in New York City, and the South Carolina Association for Justice seminar in Atlanta.

In addition, Mr. Miller made a presentation on deposition technique using TrialSmith via webinar at the American Association for Justice meeting in New Orleans.

He has again been invited to serve on faculty of the Trial Advocacy Program at Harvard University where he will speak on the use of focus groups and story-telling as a persuasive tool in explaining the trial story to a jury.

Miller has been selected as a 2013 Top Rated Lawyer in Transportation Law by American Lawyer & Corporate Counsel magazine.

Miller was invited to present at conferences in November, 2013. The Iowa Association for Justice is holding its annual convention in Des Moines where Miller will present to the convention on advanced deposition techniques. Then, he will travel to Vermont for a conference with the Vermont Trial Lawyers Association in Burlington where he will present on deposition techniques and provide a second day of individual case strategy sessions with VTLA members.

Andrew Sheldon, SheldonSinrich LLC was an invited lecturer for the sixth consecutive year at the Emory University Law School's Advanced Trial Skills course. Andy spoke about the importance of developing themes prior to developing voir dire as well as identifying unhelpful attitudes and beliefs in potential jurors. Also, he coached the students during a mock voir dire session.

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