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This page is designed to help members share information about procedures and policies at various state and federal courthouses. Members are invited to add, update, and modify content. Since this content is unmoderated, and constantly evolving, this information is provided as a starting point only. Please provide factual updates only, not personal commentary, and please be respectful when submitting information. Please confirm that information is current before relying on it in relation to a specific matter. 

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Current Court Information:

·       State Courts:

·        Federal Courts:      

·    Federal Courts:  Coronavirus: The Latest Court Closures And Restrictions - Law360

American Bar Association resources

·        ABA Task Force:

·        Covid-19 related webinars:

American Psychological Association resources


SBA Loans

·        The Small Business Administration has put together a page with resources for solos and other small businesses, including emergency business loans:

Virtual Meeting Platforms

·        Zoom (webinars, audio/video conference calls, meetings, even witness prep sessions. They've set up a tutorial here:

  •  Note – free version typically ends meetings at 40 mins, subscription version does not.

·        Google Hangouts Meet videoconference capabilities, with free access during pandemic

·        Free version of GoTo Meetings:

·        AdobeConnect is offering a free 90-day license to help customers during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Other Resources

Kids at Home

·        An activity portal of free daily courses for kids:

·        Over 7,000 free educational videos for kids (primarily middle school and up):

·        Apps to help kids deal with anxiety:

·        From the Boston Globe:

·        From Scholastic:

·        Virtual Field Trips:

·        Online Free Craft Tutorials:

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