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2021 ASTC Annual Conference

Our annual (virtual) conference is fast approaching.  The theme of the June 24th-26th conference is “Trial Consulting in Changing Times.”  It promises to be an exciting and informative conference . . . and timely, if you will forgive the pun.  We have a great line up of speakers from both inside and outside ASTC. 
~ ASTC Program committee (Lisa DeCaro, Jeff Frederick, and Leslie Ellis)

Friday, June 18, 2021


4:00pm EDT - 7:00pm EDT

TC 101

Speakers: Suann Ingle - Suann Ingle Associates LLC and Faye Honig - Dubin Research and Consulting

Thursday, June 24, 2021


1:00pm EDT – 1:15pm EDT

President’s Opening Remarks & Welcome

Dr. Leslie Ellis

    1:15pm EDT – 2:15pm EDT

    The Trier of Fact   - How Can Trial Consultants Help Judges and Jurors Do Their Jobs Well?

    Speaker: Hon. Christine M. Arguello: Christine M. Arguello is a federal judge on the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. Previously, she was a nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

    Federal Judge Christine M. Arguello will share her experiences as both a judge and a recent juror, and how her jury service has changed her courtroom procedures. She’ll also discuss ways in which trial consultants can help the judiciary to help their jurors.

      2:15pm EDT – 2:25pm EDT


      2:25pm EDT – 3:40pm EDT

      Panel: Jury selection/Internet Research on Potential Jurors.

      Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey T. Frederick – President at Jeffrey Frederick Trial Consulting Services, LLC
      Hon. Mathew Williams – Judge, King County Superior Court, WA
      Christopher J. Dominic – President & Senior Consultant at Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Inc.
      Tara Trask – President at Trask Consulting

      Jeff Frederick will share his research on the relative effectiveness of internet research companies versus in-house law firm in conducting pretrial internet research on potential jurors, along with the use of online supplemental juror questionnaires.  Judge Mathew Williams from King County Superior Court, Washington, will discuss his experiences with online/remote jury selection and ASTC legends Chris Dominic and Tara Trask  will share their experiences with remote and in-person jury selection during the pandemic.

        3:40pm EDT – 3:50pm EDT


            3:50pm EDT – 4:00pm EDT

              Awards Presentation

                4:00pm EDT – 4:05pm EDT

                  End of Day Remarks

                    4:05pm EDT – 5:00pm EDT

                      Networking Session

                      Friday, June 25, 2021

                      All times are EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME

                      1:00pm EDT – 2:15pm EDT

                      Veteran Consultant Panel: Ask the Experts.  

                      Moderator: Dr. Shelley Spiecker – Persuasion Strategies
                      Suann Ingle – Suann Ingle Associates
                      Dr. Will Rountree – Bonora-Rountree
                      Dr. Pete Rowland – Litigation Insights
                      Dr. Judy Rothschild – JHRothschild Consulting

                      This panel is comprised of a handful of consultants with decades-long consulting experience. This is your chance to ask people who have been true leaders in this field… anything!

                        2:15pm EDT – 2:30pm EDT


                            2:30pm EDT – 4:00pm EDT

                              Annual Business Meeting

                                4:00pm EDT – 4:10pm EDT


                                    4:10pm EDT – 5:00pm EDT

                                    Recent Research Panel: Judges' Efficacy in Perceiving, Uncovering and Mitigating Bias in Jury Selection and Implications for Jury Selection Now.

                                    Moderator: Dr. Leslie Ellis – The Caissa Group
                                    Dr. Mary Rose – University of Texas, Austin
                                    Dr. Jessica Salerno – Arizona State University
                                    Charlotte A. Morris, M.A. – Legal Communication Consulting

                                    In this panel, we will hear from two widely acclaimed researchers in the area of psychology and law discuss their research specific to bias and jury selection, and from one of our most experienced members discuss what it means for your practice. Dr. Mary Rose will share some of her research on how jurors' confidence affected judges' and counsel's perceptions of bias and cause challenge decisions. Dr. Jessica Salerno will discuss research on how effectively limited or expansive voir dire uncovers bias and predicts verdict and damage award outcomes, and whether efforts at rehabilitation mitigate such bias. Charli Morris, M.A., will discuss the practical implications of the research, including how jury consultants can help their clients lay a strong foundation for cause challenges. All panelists will discuss how these issues play out in both online and in-person jury selection.

                                      5:00pm EDT – 6:00pm EDT

                                        Happy Hour & Trivia

                                        Saturday, June 26, 2021

                                        All times are EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME

                                        1:00pm EDT – 2:00pm EDT

                                        Update: What's Happening in Litigation (Online and in Person) & What Are the Courts Anticipating?

                                        Moderator: Alicia Aquino – Aquino Trial Services
                                        Hon. Gary Hastings – Retired Justice, California Court of Appeal
                                        Paula Hannaford-Agor – National Center for State Courts (NCSC)
                                        Hon. Sean P. O'Donnell – Judge, King County Superior Court, WA

                                        The panel will discuss what’s going on in courts around the country as of June 2021, and what they are anticipating in the future.

                                          2:00pm EDT – 2:10pm EDT


                                              2:10pm EDT – 3:25pm EDT

                                              Outside the Box: Creative Ways for Consultants to Contribute and Build Business

                                              Moderator: Richard Gabriel – Decision Analysis, Inc.
                                              Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm – Persuasion Strategies
                                              Dr. Karen Lisko – Perkins Coie
                                              Ted Brooks – Litigation-Tech, LLC
                                              Lisa DeCaro – Courtroom Performance, Inc.

                                              Do trial consultants only work on cases and should we be focused only marketing to build business? Or are there other ways for trial consultants to contribute to the legal profession? In this session, listen to a number of consultants who have the viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to creatively help the courts and counsel deal with the crisis, to rethink trials and the way they are conducted, and to improve the justice system as a whole. From the Online Courtroom Project, to a book for the ABA, to the Maricopa County Civil Innovation Task Force, to providing the courts and clients with technology know-how, to helping clients improve their online presentations, these experienced ASTC consultants have expanded their consulting practices in unexpected ways. 

                                              3:25pm EDT – 3:35pm EDT


                                                  3:35pm EDT – 4:50pm EDT

                                                  Special Session: How Can We Help You?  How can ASTC help you, and how can we help each other? Members will share new ideas in moderated breakout sessions. Then the whole group will come together to discuss and share what was learned!

                                                    4:50pm EDT – 5:00pm EDT

                                                      Closing Remarks

                                                        5:00pm EDT – 5:45pm EDT

                                                          Networking Session

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