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ASTC 2022 Conference Agenda (Subject to Change)

Friday, June 3rd

7:00- 8:00 AM  Continental Breakfast
8:00-11:00 AM  TC101Join Faye Honig and Suann Ingle as they share their experiences in the wonderfully diverse field of trial consulting. Whether you are considering breaking into the industry or simply wondering about the skills required for the multitude of services delivered, this session will be filled with anecdotes, hands-on examples of real-life scenarios, and networking opportunities.
11:00 AM-12:00 PM Speed MeetThe business version of speed dating - new members will get the opportunity to meet experienced consultants in this fun, high-speed networking session.
12:00- 1:00 PM Lunch with Exhibitors- Sponsored by Tobin Trial Consulting & Aquino| LGW
1:00- 1:15 PM

President's Welcome

1:15- 2:05 PM Session 1: Networking Workshop- Face-to-face or mask-to-mask- It’s time to augment your social media, virtual or digital marketing efforts. The ASTC conference provides a perfect place to practice and refresh your networking skills. Guarantee: You’ll enjoy the conference more and you’ll use these tools long after the conference ends to build your business and enhance your career. Denver’s Karen Susman is back by popular demand. She’s spoken for ASTC, Arapahoe, Douglas County Bar and Broomfield Colorado Bar Associations, Colorado Bar Association and The Colorado Plaintiff Employment Lawyers Association. Karen is known for solid content, interactivity and fun!
2:05- 3:30 PM Session 2: State of the Courts: What's Happening, What's Working, and Where are We Headed?The pandemic has shown us how to improve access to the justice system for countless parties, clients, and jurors. Some courts are embracing these methods, while others are struggling to handle the backlog. This panel will explore what's changing, and what's staying the same, in courts around the country, and the implications of it all. How will it affect access? Our services? Jury decision-making? Come with your questions, comments, experiences, and criticisms.
3:30- 3:45 PM Break with Exhibitors
3:45- 5:00 PM Session 3: Peremptory Challenges (panel) What is happening, and what has been done with the Salerno research?At ASTC's 2021 virtual conference, Dr. Jessica Salerno, Dr. Mary Rose, and ASTC member Charli Morris participated in a thought-provoking panel on the limitations of common current voir dire practices. The very positive response to the panel, and Arizona's 2021 decision to eliminate peremptory challenges, prompted ASTC to create a task force to look at how ASTC can promote the benefits of expanded voir dire and support for peremptory challenges. Join us for an update on what the task force members have been doing, both within and outside ASTC, and how to utilize recent groundbreaking research on the subject to promote expanded voir dire and more effective uses of peremptory challenges.
5:30- 7:00 PM TGI Friday Reception- sponsored by Suann Ingle and Associates

Saturday, June 4th

8:00- 9:00 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00- 11:00 AM Session 4: Ask Anything - Veteran Consultants Panel- Veterans: Doug Keene, Dan Wolfe, Theresa Zagnoli, Merrie Jo Pitera

Mid-Career: Faye Honig, Alexis Forbes, Hailey Drescher, Clint Townson                                                                          

11:00- 11:10 AM Break with Exhibitors 
11:10 AM-12:15 PM

Business MeetingASTC has been busy for the past two years, and we have some exciting news to update you on. Don’t skip this one!

12:15- 1:45 PM  Lunch on your own
1:45- 2:45 PM  Session 5: You're Cordially Invited- The LinkedIn Cocktail Party and What it Means for the Future of WorkSocial media has fundamentally changed how we live and work. No industry is exempt, including trial consultants, from the fact that the future of work demands digital transformation to be embraced across organizations for continued success. Social media has a big part to play in digital transformation, but it is often thought of as a marketer's tool. Social influence is one of the most cost-effective, trusted, and natural ways to have your work and expertise seen and heard. But with so many people on social media broadcasting generic messages (including pics of what you had for lunch) is a thing of the past. To be seen as a thought leader and expert in your field, you need to be heard above the noise.

Join Priscilla McKinney, CEO, podcast host, and social influencer as she offers the cocktail party as the best analogy to start your digital transformation. Starting with this mindset shift and an understanding of how the LinkedIn algorithm works, you'll come away with practical advice to amplify your personal brand and professional legitimacy, develop micro-influencer skills and begin to leverage these for sales effectiveness, revenue growth, and increased share of voice. 

2:45- 3:00 PM Break with Exhibitors
3:00- 3:50 PM Session 6: Solos and Small Firms- Many of us are solos, or in small firms. This session will give us all tips about issues that we need to take care of for ourselves: From insurance and business operations to marketing efforts.
3:50- 4:00 PM Break with Exhibitors
4:00- 4:50 PM Session 7: Using Expanded Voir Dire to Identify BiasDr. Salerno, Dr. Hamilton, and Mia Breitenstein will discuss their very recent research on the effectiveness of expanded voir dire in identifying and exposing juror bias. Dr. Salerno will discuss a study she and others have conducted as a follow up to the research she shared with us last year on expanded voir dire. In the new study, they show how attitudes identified via extended voir dire predict not only case outcomes, but demonstrate that that effect is explained by biased/non-impartial processing of the evidence. Dr. Hamilton and Mia Brietenstein will discuss their current research on how to ask jurors questions about difficult personal experiences in a way that helps them express bias that they may be either unaware of or uncomfortable expressing. Theresa Zagnoli, a very experienced trial consultant and past ASTC president, will provide commentary on what the research means for best voir dire practices.
4:00- 6:00 PM Headshots- Get free headshots to start your post-pandemic career off right! (Matthew Gale Photography)
5:30 PM- TBD Banquet, Awards, Music- Great music from Banthom House and honoring Doug Keene!

Banquet Sponsored by The Caissa Group LLC


Sunday, June 5th

9:00 AM-1:00 PM Add-On Session: Relax & Rejuvenate Retreat- Sunday morning, we’ll have an add-on event: A mini retreat from R&R Retreats, who will incorporate yoga, massage, nutrition (vitamin-packed smoothies), and business visioning sessions to help us leave relaxed and inspired, with tools to put into effect all the great stuff we’ve learned at the conference! Limited to 10 participants, so sign up now if you want to join us!                                                                     

Special Thanks to Our 2022 Conference Sponsors and exhibitors

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