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ASTC Webinar: Reports From the Field: Online Trials and Online Research

Thursday, October 22nd 2-3:30pm EST

Eight months into the pandemic, and the world of jury trials as we knew them seems already a distant memory. Jury trials are slowly coming back in a variety of formats; jury research is as well, but the value proposition for online research has increased both as trials are increasingly using videoconferencing technology for some or all of the trial, and as the challenges of conducting face-to-face research remain significant. In this informal Webinar, trial consultants Sarah Murray and Noah Wick share recent experiences in trial, discuss best practices for virtual trials, and moderate a forum for members to share your experiences and ask questions about best practices for online trials and research.


Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray is the President of Trialcraft, a trial and jury consulting company based in the Bay area. Trained as anthropologist at Bryn Mawr College and UC-Berkeley, a former Fulbright Scholar, Sarah has broad training in social science and over 30 years of qualitative and quantitate research experience. Early in her working life, she also worked as a technical writer and editor and technical trainer, using her understanding of organizational and social dynamics to combine technical training with workflow analysis to help people not just learn to use a software program, but learn to re-imagine their work processes incorporating new technologies in ways that put people and not machines first.

Sarah has worked as a trial and jury consultant for over 20 years and has worked on thousands of cases, civil and criminal, in state and federal courts around the country. She excels at research design, voir dire and jury selection, witness preparation and the development of persuasive trial narratives. Sarah has worked with online survey research programs since 2007, using online surveys routinely in mock trial and focus group research and has been using Zoom to conduct research, witness preparation and community meetings for the past three years. She loves to collaborate as well as to coach others in how to effectively integrate technology into their work routines.

Noah Wick

Noah is the National Director of Litigation Consulting at Trial Exhibits Inc. He has over 15 years of trial consulting experience focused primarily on simplifying your case and creating the strongest impression with jurors. He has consulted in over 5,000 litigation matters nationwide. He advises trial teams on theme development, visual strategy, and impression management through creating demonstratives, medical illustrations, animations, and trial technical support running Trial Director and OnCue. Noah has a Master’s degree in strategic communication and leadership studies from Gonzaga University and served for 8 years with the 141st Medical-Dental Group in the U.S. Air Force. He is currently the President of the Washington Health Care Risk Management Society.

Webinar Fees: Members Free/Non-Members $39 per webinar

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