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Title: Presentation Skills: Confidence, Content and Connection


Karen Susman

Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Karen Susman and Associates ~ Bore No More!

Agreed date and time: March 11, 2020, 2 PM EST

Abstract: Effective speakers are not just content experts. Effective speakers must connect with their audiences. Today’s audiences refuse to respond to boring speakers and those who won’t or can’t make a connection. This webinar gives participants ways to manage podium panic, organize their content quickly and succinctly and deliver with pizzazz. Participants will receive practical tips and tools to use immediately. Many of the tools will enhance your client meetings, too. By the way, speaking is one of the most effective and efficient ways of marketing your trial consulting practice. If you want to panic no more, bore no more and make more, this webinar is for you.

Learning objectives: Participants will be able to:

1.) Harness and manage presentation jitters so they energize your presentation

2.) Organize their thoughts quickly and deliver with pizzazz

3.) Connect with their audiences of one or one hundred so that the audience members don’t stop listening before you stop speaking and action is taken.

Questions presenters want to be sent to registrants in advance of the webinar (if any):

1) What is your burning question(s) regarding making presentations?

2) If you were providing this webinar, what would you be sure to cover?

3) What is your best tip for making powerful presentations?

Presenter bio(s):

Karen Susman is a TEDx Mile High Speaker Coach. She has spoken, trained and coached internationally for more than three decades. Her clients include: ASTC, Colorado Bar Association, Arapahoe County Bar Association, NBC, State of Colorado, and the Association for Corporate Growth. Karen has a background in stress management and wellness that began before they were popular. Attorneys hire Karen to work with their clients who are about to mess up their depositions or court appearances due to stress, fear, attitude, inexperience and lack of presentation skills. Karen is a certified laughter yoga instructor. She is known for her solid content, interaction and humor.

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