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Research Committee

The duty of the Research Committee is to identify pertinent ongoing and completed litigation research and bring such research to the attention of the membership. This Committee shall cooperate with the President-Elect in planning research-oriented programs for the annual conference. In addition, the Research Committee may also encourage quality trial-related research through the awarding of grants and prizes in the name of the Society. The Committee Chairperson shall prepare and submit an interim and a final report to the Executive Director two weeks prior to the mid-year Board meeting and the annual meeting, respectively.

Tracy Sapkal

phone. 314-737-8633

Mackenna Moeller

Peter Rowland
phone. 913-339-9705

Lisa M. Gring-Pemble

Casey O'Neal

Mykol Hamilton
phone. 859-319-8882

Laura Laskey, J.D.
phone. 818-221-7204

Kate Zephyrhawke

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