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ASTC Professional Code

The ASTC Professional Code in its present form contains those Ethical Principles, Professional Standards, Practice Guidelines and Commentary currently approved by votes of the full membership of ASTC. However, as the preamble states, the Code is "evolving." Parts are currently under review to improve clarity and consistency overall, while other practice areas have yet to be addressed. So, while this document is not the final word on our efforts to build and maintain our professionalism, it does hold material and directions we agree can help achieve those goals.

Violations of the Code are handled by a Grievance Committee and are investigated following the ASTC Grievance Procedure. This document is available below. Grievances regarding members can be brought to the committee by other members or by non members. Anyone who thinks that they have a grievance to file should contact the Grievance Committee Chair. You may also contact the ASTC President or Executive Director with initial inquiries and for directions, however, please review the grievance procedure when filing any such complaint.

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ASTC By-Laws

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