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AI Task Force

The goal of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) task force is to investigate the emerging field of artificial intelligence as it relates to trial consulting. It seeks to assess the opportunities and potential problems associated with the use of AI (and AI chatbots, in particular) in trial consulting. The task force will share its findings with the membership through conference presentations, webinars, and articles in The Jury Expert to increase awareness and provide guidance in this important area.


Jeffrey Frederick

Jeffrey Frederick Trial Consulting Services, LLC

Committee Member

Andrew Caple-Shaw

ACT of Communication

Committee Member

Anu Gulati


Committee Member

Dan Wolfe

Magna Legal Services

Committee Member

Erica Baer

Kean University

Committee Member

Jarod Jenson

Timbre Solutions

Committee Member

Jeffrey Goodman

Harbinger Jury Consultants, Inc.

Committee Member

Karen Lisko

Perkins Coie LLP

Committee Member

Kristi Harrington

First Court, Inc.

Committee Member

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz Law

Committee Member

Molly Murphy

MMM Trial Consultant

Committee Member

Sarah Murray

Trialcraft, Inc.

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