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Discoverability Task Force

The Discoverability Task Force is working on two deliverables: (1) a concise guide of dos and don’ts, designed to be accessible to both legal professionals and laypeople, and (2) a more detailed academic writing, which will update a former law review article by Task Force members Tom Biesecker and Stan Davis, and Jeff Goodman will join as a co-author.


Susan Macpherson

NJP Litigation Consulting

Committee Member

Charlotte (Charli) Morris

Legal Communication Consulting

Committee Member

Suann Ingle

Suann Ingle Associates LLC

Committee Member

Jeff Goodman

Harbinger Jury Consultants

Non-ASTC Member, External Advisor

Dan Dubin

Non-ASTC Member, External Advisor

Stan Davis

Non-ASTC Member, External Advisor

Tom Biesecker

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