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Welcome to our Consultant Locator, a quick and easy way to find our active members across the country. Please enter your search information into the fields. By entering information into more than one field, your search can be narrowed.

ASTC is the only professional organization for trial and litigation consultants. Members agree to follow approved standards of practice that have been developed over the 30-plus year history of the organization.

The Areas of Practice and Areas of Trial Consulting listed by each individual's name are selected by the individual themselves. These selections are not monitored by ASTC in any way. The Society hopes that what is claimed in each entry indicates that the person knows how to perform each activity in compliance with the ASTC Code and has training and experience to support each claim.

What to Look for in a Trial Consultant

Trial consultants, on the whole, come to the profession from a wide variety of academic and work experiences. Consider the following when you are looking for a consultant.

Academic Background: Consultants bring insights and skills useful to litigation based on their considerable experience for formal study in persuasion, argumentation, public speaking, theater, graphic design, human development, personality, verbal, nonverbal and behavioral communication, group dynamics, decision making, attitude formation, and statistics (among many others). Be sure to ask a prospective consultant about the areas of social science and other academic disciplines that best inform their own approaches.

A graduate degree in his or her field may also suggest that a consultant has additional knowledge and training in research design and analysis. But, an advanced degree alone is not indicative of competence, skill, or experience.

Experience: There is no substitute for experience in litigation, and a seasoned consultant will not need a win/loss record to demonstrate depth in the field. Instead, you can expect an initial conversation with a consultant to produce meaningful insights about issues that are specific to your case.

Many of ASTC's members provide a variety of services and some offer specialized expertise in one or more practice areas (e.g., Jury Selection, Mock Trial/Focus Groups, Change of Venue Surveys, Witness Preparation, etc.). Be sure to ask a prospective consultant to describe if he or she has a specialty.

Professional Membership: The American Society of Trial Consultants is the only nationally recognized organization that was founded in pursuit of developing the profession of trial consulting. ASTC members agree to follow our Professional Code, which includes Professional Standards, Practice Guidelines, and Ethical Considerations for our practices on the whole and within discreet practice areas. Expect your consultant to be familiar with the Code and ask questions about how he or she applies it to his or her own work.

How to Locate a Consultant: You can find consultants who are members of ASTC by going to the Consultant Locator.

Areas of Consulting

Areas of Consulting

Case Narrative & Theme Development

Change of Venue Studies

Communication Skills

Community Attitude Surveys

Continuing Legal Education Seminars

Deposition Preparation

Expert Testimony

Focus Groups

Graphics & Demonstrative Evidence

Jury Selection

Media Relations

Mediation & Arbitration (ADR)

Mock Trials

Opening Statements & Closing Arguments

Post-Trial Juror Interviews

Presentation Strategy

Pro Bono Services

Recruiting Jury Research Participants

Trial Simulations

Trial Technology

Voir Dire Strategy

Venues for Jury Research

Witness Preparation

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