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Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee

The duty of the Grievance Committee is to handle all grievances related to the Professional Standards contained within the Professional Code. The Committee shall follow the guidelines set forth in the Grievance Procedure Document. Active Board members are ineligible for this committee.

Complaints unrelated to the Professional Standards go to the Executive Director for potential consideration for disciplinary action by the board per bylaws sections 7.9. Before filing a complaint or grievance, please first consider the following:​

  1. What specifically in the code was violated: Only Professional Standards are enforceable by the Grievance Committee. Ethical Principles, Practice Guidelines, and Commentary provide suggestions and guidance to the membership and are not enforceable through the Grievance Procedure.

  2. Is the action you're considering complaining about a possible misunderstanding of what was done or of what is required by the Professional Standards?

  3. Have you provided feedback to the individual in question? If not, why?​


Dan Wolfe

Magna Legal Services

Committee Member

Chris Dominic

IMS Legal Strategies

Committee Member

Suann Ingle

Suann Ingle Associates

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