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David Island

2016 Conference

Redondo Beach

Presented by Ron Beaton

David Island was one of the pioneers of the Trial Consulting Field. As a psychology professor at Sacramento State University, he did extensive research on nonverbal communication. He used that knowledge as the foundation for his consulting practice--Trial Behavior Consulting, which he started in San Francisco in 1984. In 1984 the ASTC was only two years old, and trial consultants were rare. He joined the Board and served as President in 1986.

David’s combination of scientific knowledge, skill at reading people, and individual drive helped him rapidly develop a witness preparation practice. David’s success led to Trial Behavior Consulting growing and broadening their practice areas.

Clients have described David’s invaluable guidance on how to present their cases more effectively. He helped shape the direction of countless trials, equipping attorneys with the tools they needed to excel.

Colleagues have described David as a devoted father to two sons and an inspiration to them professionally. David recognized well and appreciated others’ strengths and helped them lead with them. He did not try to mold his developing consultants into a preconceived notion of what a trial consultant could be. His high standards and values helped them achieve their potential.

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