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Doug Keene

2022 Conference


Presented by Chris Dominic, Lisa DeCaro, and Rita Handrich

Doug Keene ran one of the most respected and successful small shops in the history of trial consulting. He made time for people new to the field and provided guidance and encouragement. When he was on the Board from 2005 to 2009, he was respectful but direct about practices that he didn’t think were good for clients or the field of trial consulting. When he served as President, he provided leadership that inspired many and contributed significantly to the field.

Doug Keene grew up in the Northern suburbs of Wilmington, Delaware. He was the 4th of six children. His Father was an Episcopal minister, and his Mom was a Nurse. When he went tocollege, he went to the University of Delaware and changed his major four times, eventually landing on Psychology. He was interested in the Clinical path. He got a master’s degree at American University in DC. Then he went to the University of Texas and got his Ph.D. in 1983. He liked Austin but got a dream internship at the National Institute of Mental Health in DC.

He met his wife Sally in Austin in the last year of school. Their first date was on Valentine’s Day, and they were engaged by Memorial Day. They both went off to DC until Doug completed the internship at NIMH, and then they went back to Austin, where they would live for decades and raise two children. After spending five years in an HMO, he went into Private practice. He was the Chief Psychologist at a medical hospital, and he did evaluations, which led to significant expert witness work. He testified over 100 times as an expert.

Doug went to his first ASTC Conference in 1998 and went to TC 101. He realized over the course of a day just how much he still needed to learn. At the ASTC conference in 1999, Doug met his right-hand consultant, Rita Handrich, who many of you also know as the former editor of ASTC’s publication, The Jury Expert. They both retired at the same time in 2020 after working together and influencing the field and many consultants for more than 20 years.

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