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Pete Rowland

2014 Conference


Presented by Bob Gerchen and Merrie Joe Pitera

As a visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington (and on leave from the University of Kansas Political Science Department), Dr. C.K. “Pete” Rowland began his trial consulting career in 1985 when asked by an attorney at a social event if he could replicate some of his academic research for “a real case.” Pete naively and predictably answered, “Sure.” For several years after that, Pete and Dr. Larry Wrightsman (also a professor in the University of Kansas Psychology Department) conducted jury research for clients as diverse as Newsweek and National Iranian Oil Company, and for the Medgar Evers trial. This laid the foundation for what now has become Litigation Insights.

In the past 28 years of his career, Pete has advanced the litigation consulting field in several important ways. First, his focus on theme and story development led to his building jury research models that have been particularly efficient and efficacious with Mass Tort litigation. One such model focused on early case assessment – he called it “Discovery Insights Research.” This research helped clients develop an approach built on juror input rather than assumptions. In essence, the information gleaned from the DIR would provide building blocks to refining themes and strategies for presenting a case at trial. During his development of innovative jury research models, he was also instrumental in devising models for jury selection that included counterintuitive juror distinguishers that went beyond stereotypical and experiential factors. With this approach, he helped put the “de” into deselection.

Pete served on the ASTC board from 1991 to 1994. He has also played an instrumental role in nurturing new talent in the industry. From helping to found the Litigation Science program at the University of Kansas to hiring interns for LI, he has mentored many students who are now practicing consultants.

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