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Susan Macpherson

2007 Conference

Long Beach

Susan Macpherson is a founding member of the profession of trial consulting and of the ASTC. She joined the National Jury Project in its infancy in 1976 and attended the first ASTC meeting back in 1982. Since that time she has built a very successful career while tirelessly working on behalf of ASTC, upholding the highest standards of the trial consulting profession, serving as a mentor to many new consultants, working with court systems and other legal organizations on jury trial innovations, and promoting the value of pro bono work. Ms. Macpherson served on the ASTC’s Board of Directors.

Some of Ms. Macpherson’s many contributions to ASTC include spearheading the task force on jury reform which has researched and written position papers opposing the reduction of peremptory challenges and the difficulties in obtaining accurate information from jurors during voir dire because of systemic problems, such as poor questioning styles and the courtroom atmosphere. She remains part of ASTC’s Jury Trial Issues Task Force.

Additionally, Ms. Macpherson was a leader in developing the ASTC Professional Code (standards and guidelines for trial consultants), helping to draft the first set of standards governing venue surveys, serving as Standards Committee Chair and continuing to work on this committee to this day, navigating the new challenges to venue research presented by emerging technology.

Having consulted in over 800 cases, Ms. Macpherson has a long and distinguished record of working on complex commercial and white collar criminal cases but is always willing to roll up her sleeves and do pro bono work. Attorneys describe her as being someone they trust and respect. Always willing to lend an ear, Ms. Macpherson’s colleagues say she is the first person they turn to when facing an ethical dilemma or need advice about a challenging issue. Her wisdom and willingness to share her experiences make her a valuable resource for consultants, novice and experienced alike.

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