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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee consists of American Society of Trial Consultants members who volunteer to welcome new members and create ways to enhance existing services, bring members together, and help them thrive in their profession.

The committee aims to develop and recommend a plan to reach out to individuals interested in the ASTC and engage with all members continuously. In addition, the committee will remain open up to new ideas by developing materials and providing services that will assist in the professional growth and development of our members through information on trial consulting techniques and procedures.


If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact our Membership Chair, Paul Valdez.

Chair/Board Liaison

Paul Valdez

Nichols Research

Long-time Member Liaison

Patrice Truman

Truman Jury & Trial Consultants

Recent Grad/Student Liaison

Sarah Ross

Magna Legal Services

Committee Member

Kelley Tobin

Tobin Trial Consulting

Committee Member

Michelle Rey LaRocca

Decision Analysis

Committee Member

Jeff Goodman

Harbinger Jury Consultants, Inc.

Committee Member

Dan Johnson

Juror Search

Committee Member

Samantha Bean

Arizona State University

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