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Nominating & Awards Committee

& Awards Committee

The President shall appoint this committee promptly after the annual meeting. However, no member of the Nominating and Awards Committee may have his or her name placed in the nomination. The Committee shall be empowered to establish alternate methods for soliciting nominations, as it deems necessary. Members may nominate themselves or other members. For those members nominated by others, the Committee shall contact and verify their willingness to have their names placed in nomination.

A biographical statement must accompany each nomination. In preparing a slate of candidates, the Committee will take into account possible geographical diversity and academic interests. In addition, the Nominating and Awards Committee shall be responsible for collecting nominations for the pro-bono award, determining the winner(s), soliciting award sponsorship, and executing the award(s). The committee shall follow the guidelines set forth in the Leadership Manual. The Committee is also responsible for establishing criteria for and determining recipients of distinguished lifetime achievement awards to the profession as well as emeritus status in the Society.

Board Liaison

Kevin Boully

Perkins Coie LLC

Committee Member

Chris Dominic

IMS Legal Services

Committee Member

Joshua Haby

Persuasion Strategies

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