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ASTC Asked to be Part of the National Jury Project & Workshops

At the request of the late Steve Susman, founder of the project, ASTC appointed a group of ASTC members to work with academic and legal leaders on this important, multi-year project.

Please see The Civil Jury Project | at NYU School of Law.

We are pleased to announce and provide original research produced by ASTC members for a worthy cause. ASTC would like to recognize the following members who recently completed an important survey on the current state of civil trials for CJP at NYU School of Law.

Charlotte A. Morris, M.A. (Project leader)
Tara Trask
David Barnard
Jeffery T. Fredrick, Ph.D. C.V.
“Pete” Rowland, Ph.D.
Susan Macpherson

With a special thanks to Stephan D Susman Esq. and Richard Jolly.

The Civil Jury Project is engaged in an empirical assessment of the current role of the jury in our civil justice system, the reasons for its decline, and the impact of that decline on the functioning of the civil justice system overall. The basic question is whether jury trials continue to serve the role anticipated by the Framers of the Constitution. Relatedly, it is important to examine the consequences of the decline and what other institutions may currently fill the void. To help understand the current state of civil jury trials, the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC), as part of the Trial Consultant Advisory Group of the NYU School of Law Civil Jury Project, conducted a survey of lawyers who try cases in state and federal courts across the country. This survey addressed the current involvement by attorneys in jury trials, how they viewed the decline in jury trials, their perceptions of the causes for this decline, their experience with jury trial innovations, and what (if anything) they thought could be done to increase the number of jury trials.


Review the new Attorney Survey

Learn more about CJP/NYU and our work with them in their monthly newsletter.

The February 8th record of Sotomayer's conversation with Steve Susman is now posted on the Civil Jury website under the Past Events section.

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