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Welcome to the American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

Staying Connected

2022 gave ASTC members new opportunities to connect at our first in-person conference since 2019 in Denver, CO. Our members embraced this opportunity to stay  engaged and support one another. What a great testament to the Society's founding and lasting purpose.

We saw a great generosity of spirit continue as well, with some members sponsoring memberships for those of us whose practices suffered.

As ASTC members share resources, skills, knowledge and experience through free webinars throughout the year and through our annual conference, the strength of this organization has never been more solid.

ASTC’s mission is three-fold:

Enriching our Members – helping our members be better consultants, build their business, and improve their skills.

Enhancing Advocacy – helping our clients be better advocates for their clients.

Promoting Excellence – supporting and encouraging our members to be the best of the best, starting with the Professional Code all members are required to follow, and continuing with various members-only educational opportunities, networking events and online resources.

If you’re already a member, I’m looking forward to working with and for you this year. If you’re currently not a member, check out our member benefits and see all the ways in which ASTC supports our members. We are the only professional organization for trial consultants and I know we can help you. Join us

Faye Honig

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