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Welcome to the American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

This is the first year the ASTC membership year coincides with the calendar year, and spring is upon us.

In March we are launching the ASTC Ambassador Program. This is a new initiative by the Membership Committee encouraging members to reach out to their non-member colleagues. See the March Court Call for more details. The membership committee is also in the planning stages for Regional meetings to be held in January 2019 in Los Angeles and Dallas. 

On May 31st, in conjunction with our 37th annual conference, we will present a CLE by several of the leading consultants in the ASTC. The program will be held at Texas A&M Law School in Fort Worth, Texas. This half-day offering will invite the local legal community to learn how working with trial consultants from the ASTC can enhance their practice.

The Pro Bono committee is expanding their contacts in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Dallas/Fort Worth. One of the things offered through the ASTC Pro Bono Initiative has been CLE presentations to the Pro Bono community. Those to Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas and the Legal Assistance Network in Chicago have been well received.

The Professional Standards Committee is in the final stage of developing standards and practice guidelines for visual presentation specialists, and we begin to develop practice groups within the membership. These developments will be important topics at the business meeting in our 2108 conference.

January and February will saw the 2-Part Webinar Series by the Professional Education Committee. Part One covered Small Group Research and Part Two discuss how to run small group research-appropriate statistics. Dr. Joann Keyton Ph.D, a founder of the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research lead the webinars. 

This is all a result of members who have decided they wanted to make a difference. Amy Cheatham at the ASTC Office can connect you with a committee that needs your time and your skills.

The ASTC is honored to have been invited by the Canadian Parliament House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to assist in their study on Juror’s experiences of stress resulting from jury duty. Dr. Sandy Donaldson represented you before the Committee. Sandy extended the support and assistance of ASTC as Canada further explores this issue.

The New Court Call has been keeping everyone informed about what is happening across the Society, and every month you have the opportunity to meet another member of the ASTC. 

Last year Patty Kuehn’s message was that many hands make light work, and this year started with the message that through communication we can build a Society that fully supports its members. Your Officers and Board of Directors are dedicated to making the ASTC an association of which you can be proud.

Let us know how we are doing, and what more you would like to see us become.

If you have any comments or questions there is nothing I would appreciate more than hearing from you. 
Ric Dexter
President, American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

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