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Welcome to the American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

2020 has been a challenge… to say the least. We’re all tired of hearing the word “unprecedented.” But this group of people – this society of friends and colleagues – has stepped up to help in so many ways. This year has reaffirmed our need for each other, and our generosity of spirit.

To help us all grow our practice at this crazy time, ASTC has created new resources on the Members Only section of the website that make it easier for members to collaborate, hire other members, find work, and explore referrals.

ASTC members have shared resources, skills, knowledge, and experience through free webinars throughout the year, the virtual conference in June, the NITA/OCP Summit in November, and on the Listserv every single week.

Our response to this difficult time – both as individuals and as a Society – makes me proud to be a part of this community! If there is a “silver lining” to the grey clouds we’ve all faced this year, it’s the generosity of spirit we’ve experienced in ASTC. Let’s all hang on to that – and to each other – in 2021.

ASTC’s mission is three-fold:

Enriching our Members – helping our members be better consultants, build their business, and improve their skills.

Enhancing Advocacy – helping our clients be better advocates for their clients.

Promoting Excellence – supporting and encouraging our members to be the best of the best, starting with the Professional Code all members are required to follow, and continuing with various members-only educational opportunities, networking events and online resources.

If you’re already a member, I’m looking forward to working with and for you this year. If you’re currently not a member, check out our member benefits and see all the ways in which ASTC supports our members. We are the only professional organization for trial consultants and I know we can help you. Join us!

Leslie Ellis

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