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Welcome to the American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

I am very excited and humbled to be the next ASTC President. I want to profusely thank, again, Patty Kuehn for being our fearless leader not only once but twice. I have some very big shoes to fill. I am also really impressed and inspired by the energy and dedication from my fellow Board members. At our June Board meeting, we updated ASTC’s mission statement.

Enriching our members

Enhancing Advocacy

Promoting Excellence

What do we mean by that and what does that mean for you, our members? 

Enriching our members – we are going to continue to provide educational opportunities to our members, and we are working towards a more regular, reliable schedule or educational opportunities. We strongly believe that a more educated consultant is a better, and more successful, consultant. We also understand that many of our members are small or medium-sized business owners, so we are also committing to providing more networking and skills training programs. We are going to increase the number of regional networking events (both meetings and social gatherings) to help our members get to know each other, and work together. We encourage members to team up and/or refer business to each other, and will provide tools to help foster those relationships. And we will continue to provide information and tools to help our members with business development.

Enhancing Advocacy – we all do that every day through our work with our clients, and many of our member educational programs are geared towards this goal. We also have an opportunity to help improve the system in which we and our clients work. ASTC is conducting original research on the impact of the Western District of Washington’s video on implicit bias for jurors. We are rebuilding our online library with SJQs and other public documents. We will include in the library an ABA summary of academic research on jury trial procedure and recommendations for ideal procedures, which our members can provide to clients to use in their trials. 

Promoting Excellence – we would like ASTC to set the high bar, and set the bar high, for the consulting field and our members. We would like ASTC to represent the best of the best. ASTC members also do what we can to teach and encourage excellence to our clients, their clients, and the rest of the legal industry. Through adherence to the Professional Code, our many member benefits like educational opportunities, online resources, regional networking opportunities, and our conference, ASTC will support our members in their quest for excellence. 

We also need your help, in two ways. First, we need to build up our membership. We are very reliant on members' time, treasure and talent to do what we do through volunteering on the Board, committee chairs and committee members. We have some very dedicated and impressive members who have been working hard, with limited resources. With more members, we can spread out the work, provide more benefits, and improve our financial health. I challenge all members to reach out to one consultant who isn't a member and encourage them to give us another look and join. As Patty always says, many hands make light work. 

Second, we also want to hear from you! Is there something ASTC can or should be doing for its members that we’re not doing? What else can we do, that we haven’t thought of, to enrich our members, enhance advocacy and promote excellence? Please feel free to reach out to me or any other members of the Board with your feedback, ideas and goals. Help us help you!

Thank you again and I look forward to working with and for all of you this year!

Leslie Ellis

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